Wushu Elixir 2.0 – Developing Life Force

The overall objective of Wushu Elixir 2.0. – Developing Life Force (WE2.0) project is to encourage participation in recreational physical activity Tai chi/Qigong for seniors(persons age 65+) in project partner countries by developing new recreational sport programmes suited for people with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, diabetes, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease and people with physical disabilities, thereby supporting the implementation of the EU Physical Activity Guidelines.

Project will be implemented in 5 countries (4 EU countries – Croatia, Slovenia, Spain and Belgium and 1 Programme country – Serbia).

The specific objectives of this proposal are:

1. Raising awareness regarding benefits of participation in recreational PA for seniors (persons age 65+) in terms of social inclusion and health enhancing;

2. Analysing current HEPA guidelines in project countries and developing new Recommendations for implementing HEPA for seniors with emphasis on new developed exercises of Tai chi/Qigong using multi-sectoral approach;

3. Strengthening the capacity of Tai chi/Qigong teachers, physiotherapist, kinesiologists and trainers through non-formal education on new methodology for conducting recreational Tai chi/Qigong sport activities for seniors in project countries;

4. Strengthening the capacity of general practitioners on benefits of participation of seniors in recreational Tai chi/Qigong sport activities;

5. Creating a network of main stakeholders (project partner organizations, Tai chi/Qigong teachers, physiotherapist, kinesiologists and general practitioners), national and local sports committees, units of local (self) government and health institutions to exchange examples of good practice regarding the inclusion of seniors in recreational Tai chi/Qigong sport activities.

The project will be implemented for 24 months (January 2023 – December 2024).

Project coordinator is Croatian Wushu Federation (Croatia) and project partners are AEQD – Asociacion Espanola de Qigong Deportivo (Spain), Vlaams Wushu Instituut (Belgium), Zveza Wushu-Taijiquan Slovenije (Slovenia), Serbian Qigong Association (Serbia) and Association Echo (Croatia).

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